Since OligoEngine introduced the industry's first siRNA sequence design software in 2001, we have constantly strived to keep these tools consistent with new experimental strategies and published research reports in the field of RNAi.

With the introduction of our new, enhanced, and expanded RNAi design tools, OligoEngine is pleased to offer the most significant advancement in RNAi research software. Even with all the improvements, the OligoEngine platform remains a resource to both commercial and academic researchers, who can use the Web-based (or download-able) software to design and order custom synthesis products for RNAi experiments.

Intelligent design based on new research, new ideas.

A lot has changed since the first papers on RNAi sequence design surfaced in the late 1990s. Fortunately, OligoEngine has been at the nexus of those changes, with products like the pSUPER System of vectors for mammalian RNAi - and, of course, tools like science's first RNAi design software.

In providing an open forum and a transparent, freely-available system for sequence design (when ordering oligos from Oligoengine), our small company has worked to advance research efforts of large academic institutions and commercial organizations - and the field of RNAi itself.

Those efforts - and the ensuing dialog with researchers across the world - have enabled us to make significant and meaningful strides in the areas of RNAi design and product development.

The results are reflected in this newest, greatly-enhanced version of our RNAi design software. Not only is it more informative, interactive, and easier to use; the exclusive design methods developed by OligoEngine offer significant new advantages as well:

Smarter Target Selection - Design methods are based on a new understanding of the RNAi mechanism.

More Control - Different options for different RNAi applications provide the right support for your specific experiments.

Greater Support - Our electronic documentation system and customizable features make your data more meaningful now - and into the future.

Better, Faster Results - All of these improvements help to drive the pace of RNAi research, while making each experiment more cost efficient.