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X-miR is a catalytic microRNA repressor more specific than antagonists.

The X-miR microRNA repressors target specific miRNA with match-driven catalysis and avoids the non-specific effects of typical microRNA antagonists. The X-miR can also be used in synthetic or stably expressed forms for research, drug-discovery, and therapeutics development- no chemical modifications required.

Repressing microRNA

Mature microRNA's can be specifically repressed using Oligoengine's exclusive X-miR products. The X-miR is designed to bind to your target microRNA with perfect sequence complimentarity and avoid pitfalls associated with microRNA antagonists

Stable or Transient X-miR

Since chemical modifications or alternative chemistries are NOT required, the X-miR microRNA repressor can be constitutively expressed by inducible pX-miR or delivered as synthetic RNA.

Synthetic X-miR

Synthetic RNA X-miR: $499 each

pX-miR Clones

Inducible pX-miR Clones: $599 each

Cloning oligos: $249 /oligo pair

X-miR Serum Stability

Transient use of synthetic X-miR RNA is prolonged by the exonuclease resistance characteristic of its novel structure.

Custom designed X-miRs

Thousands are pre-designed for specificity against individual miRNAs, but with new miRNAs discovered weekly, Oligoengine is ready to design X-miRs specific to your needs.

Getting started with X-miR microRNA repressors

X-miR oligos can be used transiently as RNA or expressed constitutively from inducible pX-miR vectors. Oligoengine offers design assistance for any custom X-miR as well as a library of pre-designed versions.

Mature microRNA

As non-coding regulatory elements, microRNA can be specifically repressed by X-miR oligo constructs.


Basic X-miR Design

Oligoengine designs X-miR specifically to a targeted nucleotides of a mature microRNA.


X-miR Design Overview

  • X-miR microRNA repressor design

Serum Stability

MicroRNA repression efficacy and duration is prolonged by exonuclease resistance.


X-miR Results

Gene modulation results by microRNA repression will vary depending upon function of the microRNA itself. The X-miR libraries contains ready-to-use designs targeting 'mature', 'minor', pre-miRNA', or 'broad' nucleotide regions of each microRNA gene.

Price List.

X-miR constructs are available as transfection-ready clones, ligation-ready oligos, synthetic RNA for transient use.

pX-miR (Cloning oligo Set) $249
pX-miR (Clone) $599

Synthetic X-miR:
Synthetic RNA X-miR (RNA, 20 nm) $499

Custom X-miR

Oligoengine can design your microRNA targeting X-miR. Design requests can be done via email or Fax-back forms.

Stock X-miR

Oligoengine 3.0 contains a listing of thousands of stock X-miR designs as well as tools for real-time design of your custom X-miR.

X-miR Fax-Back Order Form

Use this fax form to place your X-miR order.

  • X-mir Order Form

X-miR Clones:

Any microRNA + 18 Days.

Pick any pX-miR, pSUPER or pSUPERIOR vector, a microRNA target, and we will send an X-miR clone for $499.

Cloning Service Deliverables:

• All clones are sequence-confirmed.

• 18 business day turnaround.

• Price includes all materials.

• Delivered as miniprep, ~4 µg.

Cloning Fax Form.

  • X-miR Order Form

Questions and Answers

Common Questions for X-miR.

Can I design my own X-miR?

> For best results, please request design and product quotes from Oligoengine via email, the fax forms, or Oligoengine software.

Will X-miR work with other vectors?

> Yes, we can provide ligation-ready X-miR oligos for your vector.

Is X-miR microRNA repression guaranteed?

> Yes, when the full suite of X-miRs for the targeted microRNA are purchased.

Can I use X-miR in-vivo?

> Yes, please Oligoengine contact customer service to optimize the design for your experiment.

Can I order my X-miR from another supplier?

> At the moment, X-miR microRNA repressors are exclusive to Oligoengine and its distributors. Licenses to other suppliers may be considered in the future.

Can I order X-miR oligos and clones internationally?

> Yes, Oligoengine will ship them to most countries or provide them through a distributor.

X-miR Licensing.

X-miR's are based on endoGUIDE technology in the AsymmetricRNAi Platform.

Academic and Non-Profit Licensing Terms

Researchers at academic and non-profit institutions are granted a limited end-user license with the purchase of each X-miR.

Commercial and For-Profit Licensing Terms

Use of the AsymmetricRNAi Platform, including X-miR, by commercial pharmaceutical and biotech companies is subject to specific licensing terms.
Companies can purchase individual X-miR molecules and clones before negotiating a streamlined product use agreement. Additionally, any products, including cell lines, transgenic animals and therapeutic compounds developed using X-miR will be considered as licensed products and subject to a sales royalty by Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics Inc.

For more information, please contact OligoEngine for details regarding research-to-therapeutics licensing support.


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