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The 'better' siRNA that started it all.

Released by Oligoengine in 2003, the Asymmetric siRNA Duplex is Oligoengine's original 'Asymmetric' RNAi molecule. Chemical and structural modifications ensures that this novel siRNA targets your gene with increased potency and specificity over traditional siRNA.

Synthesized for Function

Oligoengine Designs and synthesizes the 'Asymmetric siRNA Duplex' on-the-fly to ensure you get the most relevent results for your research. No 'siRNA pools' to cause problems or pre-built sets lacking novelty. Best of all, our free design service is guaranteed*.

Designed for Specificity

The Chemical structure and modifications provides our signature 'Asymmetric' function by providing a chemically inactive sense strand as well as terminus deactivation.

Replaces any siRNA

Oligoengine will convert any of your traditional siRNA into Aysmmetric siRNA duplexes to improve your research in reverse genetics, drug discovery, or therapeutics.**

Chemically Resistant

The chemistry resists exonuclease and endonuclease degradation providing not only a longer affect, but potency at low concentrations.

Easy to Order

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Academic Use

Oligoengine grants 'Research Only' limited licenses with the purchase of each Asymmetric siRNA Duplex. For further licensing questions, please contact Oligoengine.

Commercial Use

The Asymmetric siRNA Duplex is part of the 'Asymmetric RNAi' patent family. These patents are pending and provide a novel opportunity for commercial interests. License terms are available from Oligoengine or Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics, Inc. Please contact Oligoengine for more information.

Advantages of the Asymmetric siRNA Duplex vs. naked siRNA.

More potency! Reduced off-target effects! Stable in serum!.

Results using Asymmetric siRNA Duplex in model systems.

Invitro and Invivo results using Asymmetric siRNA.

Prices for Asymmetric siRNA.

Stock and custom duplexes for invitro and invivo use.

How to order the exclusive Asymmetric siRNA.

Oligoengine 2.0 software can design Asymmetric siRNA for any target. Alternatively, we can convert your dsRNA siRNA when ordering via fax.


Oligoengine's Asymmetric siRNA is available for Academic and Commercial use with licensing suited for specific applications.


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