RNAi Design

RNAi Design

Oligoengine RNAi Design Oligoengine software or online tools provide single-gene, multi-gene, and combinatorial RNAi design with integrated purchasing tools.

pSUPER Vectors and Clones

Vectors and Clones

Need a quote for purchasing? Below, is the pSUPER and pSUPERIOR Suite of RNAi vectors for you to choose from. Just fill in the form and fax it back to quickly expedite your quote or order.

Multivalent RNA

Multivalent RNA

Multivalent RNA [MV-RNA] is a novel class of RNAi triggers for simultaneous suppression of multiple targets from a single molecule. MV-RNA are offered exclusively by Oligoengine as synthetic RNA or multivalent pSUPER clones.

Asymmetric siRNA duplexes

RNAi duplexes

Asymmetric RNAi duplexes eliminate off-target suppression, gain serum stability, and retain potency with the novel Asymmetric siRNA. We invite you to try this duplex in your next invitro or invivo application.

X-miR MicroRNA Repressors

MicroRNA Repressors

X-miR microRNA repressors neutralize your target microRNA stabily with pX-miR or transiently with Synthetic X-miR RNA.


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