Oligoengine's MV-RNA: Multivalent RNA MV-RNA

Empower your RNAi research with multi-gene suppression.

Multivalent RNA (MV-RNA) is a single RNAi molecule useful for targeting up to 3 seperate genes. A single MV-RNA can target one gene at several sites, or suppress multiple genes at once- depending upon the design. This novel design enables greater phenotype suppression potential than single siRNA, removes sense strand off-target elements, and replaces inaccurate ‘pooling’ methods of traditional siRNA.


MV-RNA are composed of three RNA guide strands 21-30nt long. Unlike siRNA, which contain a passenger and a guide strand, MV-RNA are composed of 3 guide strands- each aligning to a potential target site.


Single-Gene RNAi: Multi-site RISC

MV-RNA can be designed with guide strands to target divalent (2) or trivalent (3) sites on a single gene.

MV-RNA, Single Gene

Multi-Gene RNAi: Single-site RISC

MV-RNA can be designed with three guide strands targeting different isoforms, genes in a pathway, or virus genes.

MV-RNA, Multiple Gene

Synthetic MV-RNA

The MV-RNA reproduces the action of up to 3 siRNA duplexes to maximize potency while also minimizing irrelevant nucleic acids.

The MV-RNA Complex


Some MV-RNA are designed for applications where a precursor MV-RNA are required for your research. MV-RNA can be stably expressed from your favorite vector, like pSUPER, or produced as ssRNA for transient experiments.
Uses in mammalian, animal, bioagriculture, and anthropod research are examples where 'Dicer-Substate MV-RNA' are advantageous.

Dicer Substrate MV-RNA


Rnt1 percursor MV-RNA are designed for applications where a Dicer enzymes may not be available. For example, some yeast do not have Dicer-like enzymes but utilize RNAi machinery.
Uses in fungal research, bioagriculture, and some mammalian research are examples where 'Rnt1-Substate MV-RNA' are potentially applicable.

Dicer Substrate MV-RNA

Getting started with Multivalent RNA

Send us your target genes and Oligoengine will prepare designs of MV-RNA for you.

Design Overview of MV-RNA

MV-RNA strands are each designed to be complimentary to the target gene and also to specific regions of itself using Watson-Crick base pairing. The sequence composition supports the structural pattern by box-to-box relationship. The structured molecule is defined by 3 strands; PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and a KEY strand.


Design Overview of MV-RNA

Oligoengine designs MV-RNA specifically to a targeted regions of each gene.

Potential MV-RNA on Target Gene

Each target gene contains many potential sites that also satisfy complementarity for the structure of the MV-RNA.

MV-RNA on target gene

MV-RNA Price List.

Synthetic MV-RNA, controls, and clones are available. Please see order form or contact Oligoengine

Synthetic MV-RNA:
Synthetic MV-RNA (RNA, 20 nm) $699

MV-RNA Clones:
MV-RNA Clones: $699

Custom MV-RNA Designs

Oligoengine can design your MV-RNA. Design requests can be done via email or Fax-back forms.

Stock MV-RNA

Oligoengine has stock MV-RNA as well as tools for real-time design of your custom MV-RNA.

MV-RNA Fax-Back Order Form

Use this fax form to place your MV-RNA order.

  • MV-RNA Order Form

MV-RNA Clones:

Up to 3 Target Genes per MV-RNA + 18 Days.

Pick any pSUPER or pSUPERIOR vector, up to 3 target genes, and we will send an MV-RNA clone for $699.

Cloning Service Deliverables:

• All clones are sequence-confirmed.

• 18 business day turnaround.

• Price includes all materials.

• Delivered as miniprep, ~4 µg.

Cloning Fax Form.

  • MV-RNA Order Form

Questions and Answers

Common Questions for MV-RNA.

Can I design my own MV-RNA?

> For best results, please request design and product quotes from Oligoengine via email, the fax forms, or Oligoengine software.

How do I convert an siRNA into a 'Multivalent RNA'?

> Please send your sequence and target gene(s) to Customer Service and we'll convert it to a univalent, divalent, or trivalent MV-RNA.

Will MV-RNA work with other vectors?

> Yes, we can provide ligation-ready MV-RNA oligos for your vector.

Is MV-RNA guaranteed?

> Yes, when two MV-RNA targeting the same genes are purchased.

Can I use MV-RNA in-vivo?

> Yes, please Oligoengine contact customer service to optimize the design for your experiment.

Can I order my MV-RNA from another supplier?

> At the moment, MV-RNA are exclusive to Oligoengine and its distributors. Licenses to other suppliers may be considered in the future.

Can I order MV-RNA oligos and clones internationally?

> Yes, Oligoengine will ship them to most countries or provide them through a distributor.

Are MV-RNA immunologically stimulating in mouse or human cells?

> MV-RNA are easily optimized for in-vivo use and exhibit a clean profile.

Can I order MV-RNA oligos and clones internationally?

> Yes, Oligoengine will ship them to most countries or provide them through a distributor.

Are MV-RNA functioning by RISC catalysis?

> Yes, the mode of action has been confirmed.

MV-RNA Licensing.

Oligoengine has expertise in multi-gene suppression and an elegant single-molecule solution.
If your product development in RNAi requires a pathway based approach, IP that is both novel and has a long life span, then we are happy to discuss our scalable license terms with you.

Academic and Non-Profit Licensing Terms

Researchers at academic and non-profit institutions are granted a limited end-user license with the purchase of each MV-RNA.

Commercial Research Use

MV-RNA are uniquely valuable for reverse genetics and pathway suppression studies at commercial institutions. Commercial Research licenses are obtainable from Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics, Inc.

Commercial Drug-discovery Use

MV-RNA for the discovery of vaccines, chemotherapies, and other pathway targeting drugs are available. Commercial Research licenses are obtainable from Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics, Inc.

Human Therapeutics Use

Licenses on a per-product basis are considered for partners seeking the unique properties of MV-RNA bases therapeutics. Commercial Research licenses are obtainable from Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics, Inc.

Bio-Agricultural Use

Please contact Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics, Inc.

Animal Therapeutics Use

Broad and specific licenses for animal therapeutics in broad geographies is considered. Please contact Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics, Inc.

Commercial and For-Profit Licensing Terms

Use of the AsymmetricRNAi Platform, including MV-RNA, by commercial pharmaceutical and biotech companies is subject to specific licensing terms.
Companies can purchase individual MV-RNA molecules and clones before negotiating a streamlined product use agreement. Additionally, any products, including cell lines, transgenic animals and therapeutic compounds developed using MV-RNA will be considered as licensed products and subject to a sales royalty by Halo-Bio RNAi Therapeutics Inc.

For more information, please contact OligoEngine for details regarding research-to-therapeutics licensing support.


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