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Innovation for Researchers.

Oligoengine is an end-to-end platform of software, novel molecules, and methods to help researchers in advancing fields of study. This unique approach is designed to allow increase complexity of oligo-driven research while preserving simplicity in research applications.

With Oligoengine, researchers plan oligo chemistry, structure & function, generate purchasing documents in real-time, and receive reliable oligo products delivered to the lab.

Oligoengine 2.0 Software

Access to Oligoengine begins with our software. All products either physical or computational are available from within the software platform. The synthesis services and purchasing options are integrated seamlessly into this platform making it a one-stop solution for your oligo purchasing regardless of oligo chemistry.

Novel Molecules for RNAi

Oligoengine proved its platform as the first RNAi design tool. We continued innovation by also being the first to replace AA dimer RNAi design with a rational design process resulting in very accurate RNAi results. This design methodology quickly spread across the entire industry and saved researchers incalculable time and money.

Building Better Oligo-based Tools

The vanilla oligo of the past is not robust enough for modern research. Even more, subtle functions due to DNA/RNA chemistry and structure needs exploration which can get complex. Our belief is that this growing complexity needs a visual language that all researchers can share. This is our goal with Oligoengine and we'll continue to deliver on this challenge.

Innovation in Service

Oligoengine is likely the smallest company in the field of RNAi research or oligo supply. As a small company, we pride ourself on working closely with our research members.

Research Licensing

Oligoengine's exclusive RNAi technologies contain limited research rights with purchase. However, it's always a good idea to contact Oligoengine about collaborations and extending licenses in research or commercial applications..

Focus on RNAi.

Oligoengines focus on RNAi has provided innovative molecules and driven research by simplifying gene suppression of target genes. Our accurate design methodologies, asymmetric siRNA molecules, and services have extended RNAi research worldwide and contributed to its success. While many large companies focus on marketing, Oligoengine prefers to remain on the edge of discovery to remain valuable to our research members.

Asymmetric siRNA

Asymmetric siRNA and shRNA

Oligoengine lead the way on innovating siRNA with modifications for increased function and specificity. Now, we have new structures to bring these advantages to shRNA. Learn more

Accurate siRNA design

Accurate RNAi Design

Few people are aware that Oligoengine was the first tool for siRNA design. In 2003, we replaced the AA dimer methodology and quickly improved RNAi prediction reliability.. Learn more


X-miR MicroRNA Repressors

Repress microRNA with X-miR RNA or X-miR clones that out-perform typical antagonist in potency, turnover, and specificity. Learn more


pSUPER RNAi System

The original and widely published family of vectors for stable gene suppression. Available in multiple versions. Learn more


Cloning just-in-time Libraries

Oligoengine offers just-in-time production of novel RNAi libraries optimized specifically for your research goals.

Suppression Reports

All RNAi designs are backed with Oligoengine's exclusive Suppression Prediction Reports outlining all predictive data. Learn more


Multivalent 3-in-1 siRNA

The MV-siRNA is powered by 3 guide strands that form a unique A-form complex to drive RNAi at up to three unrelated sites on a target gene.Learn more

Intellectual Property and Licensing.

Oligoengine holds exclusive license to pending Intellectual Property in novel forms of RNAi and research methodology. Licenses are considered for complimentary research and business partners.

Oligoengine Research and Procurement Platform Software

Exclusive copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Oligoengine Business Methodology

Exclusive rights in U.S.

Asymmetric siRNA Duplexes

Exclusive Research and Reagent rights for U.S. and European Markets.

pSUPER Vectors

Exclusive Research and Reagent rights for U.S. and European Markets.

For more information regarding licensing or partnerships, please contact Oligoengine directly by phone or fax.


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