Asymmetric siRNA Duplex: Removes off-target suppression Asymmetric siRNA Duplex

Expert-level Design, Ordering, Delivery of Oligos in a Single Application.

The most sophisticated oligo design with integrated synthesis services for researchers, labs, and entire institutions...all with built-in management of the paperwork.

Oligo Design by Field of Study

There's no easier way to get started in even the most sophisticated fields. Just enter your target and let Oligoengine provide you with detailed data to help you make your research decisions.

Oligo Design by Chemistry

Visually edit oligo chemistries using the Oligoengine 2.0 interface without worrying about errors in synthesis notation.

Oligoengine 2.0 is Networked

Oligoengine 2.0 connects to our servers to unify your instution, lab, and individual research. This allows us to do the processing while you benefit from group discounts automatically.

Advanced siRNA

Oligoengine Workstation
(the web version)

Oligoengine can be run from within your web browser by using the Adobe Shockwave plugin.
If you are behind a proxy, use Adobe Shockwave Full-Installers

Oligoengine Workstation
(the application version)

Oligoengine 2.0 is available as a stand-alone program (no web browser).

Download Oligoengine 2.0 (OS X)

Download Oligoengine 2.0 (mac)

Download Oligoengine 2.0 (windows)

Real-Time Synthesis Pricing

All prices are generated on-the-fly based on chemistry preferences. No need to flip through exhaustive catalogs to find obscure pricing

Automatic Purchasing Documentation

All Oligoengine sessions include a time-stamped Quote, Confirmation, Tracking, Invoice, and Receipt PDF. These documents are emailed to you as well as stored in your online account profile.

Oligoengine 2.0 is Self-updating

To keep you up-to-date, we made Oligoengine 2.0 software self-updating with the source code on Oligoengine servers.

Single-user is Free

Yep, free. Just download, signup, login. No spam, no gimmicks.

Oligoengine 2.0 Overview.

Oligoengine 2.0 seamlessly connects the scientific interests of the researcher, lab, and institution with fiduciary interests of purchasing administration.

Oligoengine 2.0 is Networked

Two modes to run the software

Single-user is free.

Join, Download, Login.

It's easy to get started.

Ultimate RNAi Design Studio.

The first RNAi design tool, still the best. Oligoengine redefined rational RNAi design by developing solid scientific methodology, data representation, and backed it with a target-specific documentation system.

Editing Oligo Chemistry.

Oligoengine 2.0 allows you to easily edit your oligo chemistry.

Producing Quotes and Orders.

Need a quote for your purchasing office? Just use the Save Quote button when checking out.

Tracking Your Quotes, Orders, and History.

All documents created in Oligoengine 2.0 are time-stamped and recorded in your account.

Purchase Office Integraton.

Seamlessly keep your purchasing office in the loop.

Institution-wide Licensing of Oligoengine 2.0.

Want Oligoengine to integrate your core facility? Supplier? We have Institutional licensing.


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